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Forecast for a specified date Cost: 60

Ask an astrologer a question Cost: from 60 to 90

Rectification of the horoscope — clarification of the time of birth Cost: 60

Horoscope of the child’s talents Cost: 60

Where to go to study? Where to look for work? Cost: 60

Synastry — a detailed compatibility horoscope (love/business/partnership/friendship, etc.). Cost: 90

General consultation on the topic of personal life Cost: 90

Solar — individual forecast for 1 year Cost: 60

Lucky days for wedding/engagement/wedding for 1 year Cost: 60

Relocation map — a forecast of moving to a new place (city, country) or choosing the best place to move from among several offered Cost: 90

The price is indicated in euros at the purchase rate (MonoBank)